Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack

The Missaroo is sick again. The vet is not sure if she has kennel cough or some other respiratory infection, but she is treating it like it is kennel cough. Missy had kennel cough this time last year. It was horrible! That vet told us it was the worst case of kennel cough she had ever seen in a vaccinated dog. The kennel cough also kicked up worms she had picked up in the Tri-Cities she had been harvesting for months. She was on what felt liked a ton of pills and I had to run home from work twice a day in order to medicate her. This time it's just an antibiotic every 12 hours and hey, I'm unemployed so I have the time.

The strange thing about this latest bout of somethingness is that I have no idea where it came from. She no longer attends doggie daycare because of how susceptible she is to this sort of thing. We stay away from dog parks because of her freak out moments. Sure, she went to the groomers, but that was almost three weeks ago, and Mister he is just fine. So what the heck?

Missy took her turn at the vet like a champ though. The GREAT news is her heart is good, her body temp is normal, and her lungs sounded healthy. Although, just like any of us would be, she couldn't wait to leave:

When we were all done, I dropped Missy off at home and headed to Petco. Last time around, Missy had the pill thing figured out. No amount of treats or wet dog food could fool her into taking her pills. So this time I tried something different:

The pill pockets worked pretty well for the antibiotic, not so much for the cough suppressant. She just dropped it on the floor and Mister ate it instead! Of course, the dog that doesn't get sick will take anything! But the antibiotic is the most important, so at least she'll take those.

The other kicker to this story? This weekend Mister and Missy were headed to doggie hotel while I attended a wedding in the Tri-Cities. Guess who gets to be my road trip date now?

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