Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Chase is On

I wish I was blogging about a new topic this morning, but sadly being chased by other dogs down the block seems to be pretty darn common. I've decided I'm going to keep writing about it in an effort to bring about awareness. Guess what!?! Your dog should be on a leash when it's outside, unless you are at a dog park. And here's another one, don't leave your pets in the car! It was a combination of those two that had us running down the road last week.

I decided we would change up our walk a little bit. Normally we walk the same square of four or five blocks through our neighborhood. Either that, or we walk along another really long road, but the high schools are on Spring Break, and you might recall that Missy and I have had those snapper things thrown at us on more than one occasion. So, we went a little bit farther from home this time. As we approached our final leg, I spotted two English Bulldogs sitting in the front seat of a parked car with the window down enough for both of them to stick their heads out. It was also open enough for them to jump out. Only one of them did, but that's all it took. I started dragging poor Mister and Missy down the road. This Bulldog would not leave us alone. I kept screaming at it and even it shoved it with my foot. Missy was going berserk! It chased us for blocks before it took the time to pee and we made it around a corner and out of its line of sight. It was horrible. I was sweating and my heart was racing by the time we finally made it back home.

Of course, I blame the owner. Why were those dogs just sitting in a car like that by themselves? They should have never been sitting up front with their heads hanging out the window in the first place. If I had a chance to talk to the owner I would recommend a harness or seat belt like the one Missy has for that exact reason, so she doesn't jump out of car windows.

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