Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grease Lightning

Mister is a little you know what sometimes. I love my little buddy to death, but you have to watch him like a hawk. Last night I got distracted on the Internet. I was updating my other blog and rocking out to music while Mister was chewing on a bone and Missy was watching him. What I had missed is what happened when the two of them switched. Mister doesn't sit and watch so well. He's always on the move. ((And remember they both have their bones but like to chew on one at a time))

This time he moved into my closet, took out my favorite sweater ((which was on the ground because I had sorted everything to do laundry)) and ate the top button clean off. Now part of this is my fault. I should have remembered to close the closet door and I should have turned around more often to see what they were doing. BUT he ate part of my sweater! AH!

The signs were all there. When I shower, I usually undress in the bathroom and throw my clothes on the floor. When I come out of the shower my socks are always missing. I usually find one in front of a dog crate and the other in front of the coffee table. My snow boots also randomly appear in the middle of the room as through they had been dragged by a tiny dog. One time he even chewed part of my modem while I was sitting at my computer! I had no idea. Turns out Mister is not a dog at all, he's a ninja who reincarnated as a Chihuahua. Seriously, he has some mad skills. He is just so quiet and if he were a person, he'd be one of those people who walked on their tip toes all of the time. In fact, I better check on my tiny ninja now.

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