Friday, April 8, 2011

But You're Sick Miss

They say a really smart dog has the mental capacity of a two year old. Missy is def as smart as a two year old. But it still doesn't seem to register, even with the smartest two year old, when they are sick. Missy is no exception. She thinks she is just fine to run around the apartment with Mister, bark at the neighbors, and pull on walks. Of course all of those things make her cough,cough, hack, hack more. I've been trying to limit her activity as much as I can by separating her and Mister and only going for our little potty strolls as opposed to full blown walks.

I can see that it is difficult for my highly active dog to take a seat on the sidelines for a week. She wants to be her "normal" self, but she's not, she's sick. Good thing the meds help knock her out!

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