Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Need My Mommy

Missy had one of those days last night. She needed to be by her mommy at all times. Missy has suffered from separation anxiety in the past. We did a great job kicking it in the butt, but sometimes she still just needs to be by me all of the time. The biggest clue I get when she's going to have one of those days happens first thing in the morning. She will come and put her head on my foot while I'm getting ready in the bathroom. Instead of playing with Mister or sleeping on her choice of the furniture she comes and lays on the bathmat.

The best part about her needy days is she finally turns into the lap dog I've always hoped she'd be. Don't get me wrong Missy always wants to be on my lap, but she wants to be on my lap while being petted. The moment you stop petting her she doesn't want to be on your lap anymore. It is a rarity that she will just lay down and chill with me. On those days when she needs her mommy, I'm always happy to oblige.

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