Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Too Cold

Yep, that's right the high today in Spokane is ten degrees. Yikes! So trying to take Missy to the bathroom has become even more of a challenge. I thought maybe she'd go in the snow on the balcony....

After that wasn't happening it was time to venture outside for the longest three minutes of our lives. But I was really worried about freezing to death. Its early in the morning, so it was only about 3 degrees and Missy had to poop. Like, right now! So I decided for the first time ever she was going to wear clothing. I tried to rig up an old Western sweatshirt ((GO NECKS!)) for her....

Like everything else we try, it quickly turned into a Miss-adventure. Good in theory, horrible in reality. She was out of one sleeve before we even reached the path outside our apartment. Before she could poop, the whole thing was just swaying around her so I took it off. She went soon after, thank goodness. But of course what she did instead to try and keep warm? She ran for it, pulling me along. We're lucky I didn't die. Missy gets groomed on Monday and I might just have to break down and buy her dog clothes after all or we might not make it through the winter.

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