Friday, November 19, 2010

Seperated at Birth

About two days a week I volunteer at the local shelter, SpokAnimal. Usually, I do a lot of paper work for the volunteer coordinator: Enter emails, file volunteer applications, organize stuff, things of that nature. Yesterday, I finished my project of opening up packages of dog bones and dumping them in baskets while the coordinator made a run over to the kennels so I decided to go over there to meet up with her. I like looking at all the doggies, wishing I could take each and every one of them home. The nice thing about SpokAnimal is there always seems to be dogs going out for walks, kennels being cleaned, or snacks being passed out. Its not nearly as sad and depressing as I imagined it would be.

I had said hello to just about everybody in the kennels when I turned the corner and saw Missy's brother. I am not kidding this dog looks EXACTLY like the Missaroo, down to the white stripe down the front and white on the paws. He's even listed just like she was, Shepard Mix Brindle. He even sits funny like she does. The only thing they seemed to know for sure about him is he isn't a puppy because he has his adult teeth. Starting to sound familiar????

OK so you still don't believe me. Think about this. How many dogs have you ever seen in your life that look EXACTLY like the Missaroo? She looks like no dog and every dog all at the same time, but exactly the same??? Take a look for yourself:

So now of course I have a problem. I mean its obvious this dog is related to my Missaroo. Remember a while back when we started this blog and I talked about Missy needing a dad because she was that kinda dog? Well maybe what she needs is a brother!!!! BUT I can't take Max ((yes I've already named him)) If I had a yard and a SUV he would have come home with me that day, but I don't. So what I need is someone to adopt Max so Miss can go visit her brother instead. Any takers?? PA-LEASE!!!! 

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