Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday was the best! My friend Tim and I left Spokane's South Hill around 10:30am to head north to the Christmas Tree farms at Green Bluff. He'd never cut down his own tree from a farm before, he'd always just gone to tree lots. ((one more reason not to raise your kids in Seattle I guess)) So I decided it was time he experienced Christmas Midwest style. It snowed the entire morning, the entire drive up, and the entire time we were wandering around looking for the perfect Christmas trees. But as you know, snow makes it warmer so at least we weren't freezing our faces off. Plus it really put us in the holiday spirit.

It wasn't long before Tim not only found the perfect tree, but he also cut it down like a pro. There really isn't anything in this world he can't do.... He felt pretty manly about the whole thing. 

Then we found my tree, and of course I made him cut that one down too. The whole way home Tim kept telling me he couldn't believe he'd never done this before and would never get his Christmas tree off a lot again. Success!
After a short break to  regroup, we headed out again to grab decorations and lights. Once again, we started with his tree and then worked our way back to my apartment to decorate mine.

It was pretty much the perfect Saturday!

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