Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Series of Firsts

I've been a bad dog mom lately with my dog blog slacking... sorry about that. ((Oh, and this one is pretty gross))

The Missaroo never ceases to amaze me. In one day she had two firsts, but before we get there here's a little background.....

My schedule keeps me on my toes and the Missaroo guessing when I'm going to be home. She's been upset, bouncing off the walls, and overall unhappy. I'm pretty use to the throw up three days a week. I've come to expect it and when it doesn't happen its like, well, the BEST. Day. Ever. Yep.

This latest round of puky mcpukerson was actually surprising for two reasons.

One: She managed to somehow projectile vomit ((didn't know dogs could do that)) and it landed outside her crate. Awesome.

Two: She then managed to STEP in her own vomit on the way out of the crate and of course her immediate reaction was to JUMP on me. EW! GA-ROSS! I actually screamed and ran away from her for half a second. What a great mom I'll make huh? I wiped her down, myself down (yes in that order) took her potty, and then cleaned up the crate and the nearby carpet.

Oh the Missaroo. NEVER, and I do mean EVER a dull moment. Who needs TV when I've got projectile dog vomit? But you know what, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Love you shmooie, even when you reek of vomit.

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