Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Merry Holidays!

I was having a pretty crap week. Bad times at work, messed up my pumpkin bread on the domestic front. Wondered if I was good at anything, hid under the covers for about an hour crying, whole nine yards. (yes I realize that's not a sentence) Then it all started with a text from my dear friend Tim Lewis simply telling me to check my work email Then I read said wonderful email from Tim that stated the following: 

 "Over the last couple of years, my roommate and I cooked up a Thanksgiving meal for anyone who had no place to go for the holiday. I’ve moved into my own place now, but I’d still like to celebrate with a feast. ...... If you can’t make it for food, is anyone interested in playing Turkey Bowl football on Thanksgiving morning?...  I’d really like to keep the holiday tradition alive in Spokane"

I screamed and danced around like an idiot while Missy barked at me and tried to bite at my ankle to get me to stop. Oh I was thrilled. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I LOVE football. and I LOVE the kick off to Christmas. It was the BEST. Email. Ever.

And then I woke up to another great surprise.....

Happy Merry Holidays everyone! :)

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