Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Puky Rears Her Ugly Little Head Again

There really is no greeting quite like coming home from a 12 hour shift on election night to discover dog throw up all over Missy's crate. Now don't worry, Missy was not in said crate for 12 hours. I asked if I could leave work for 15 minutes in order to take her out to go to the bathroom. ((The perks of living across the street from work)) It was a little after seven when I took her outside and that was the first time I discovered the throw up. I didn't have the heart to put her BACK IN a crate full of doggie puke, so she spent the next four hours roaming free in the apartment. I knew what was awaiting me when I arrived home a few minutes before midnight, in fact it probably made me a little bit more grumpy.

Not that I blame the Missaroo AT ALL. Nor do I ever think it's her fault. I always blame my work schedule and ultimately, myself. This is the fourth time she's thrown up in two weeks. I've gone from working my normal ten hour weekend shifts and nightside during the week, to weekends and morning show. Which means instead of leaving my apartment at 2:20 every afternoon, I scurry out the door at 3:55am instead. But then, when she finally seemed to be getting use to that, I left yesterday before noon. She freaked and threw up.

This has been a constant thing with Missy. For those of you who might be new to the blog, Miss was found abandoned. She didn't show signs of physical abuse, but the emotional scars seem to be lasting a lifetime. In fact, within a few days of adopting her the vet told me she was too attached to me and I needed to get her socialized. Missy knew that I wanted her, and she hoped that wouldn't ever change. Lucky for her, it won't.

I can't imagine Miss being in a home without order, to do lists, calenders, and schedules. For all of those things that might drive men away, it's what keeps the Miss sane. She thrives on schedules, order, and routine. So do I. I don't mine working at all hours of the day ((OK that's not entirely true)) but it's much harder on Miss. In fact, I LOVE election night. It's like my second favorite news holiday to work next to Selection Sunday. Now it's over and I'll have to spend some quality time with my Shmoo to try and get her back on track. I've had enough of the puker for awhile.

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