Friday, May 6, 2011

Well That's a New One

WARNING: This is one of those gross dog mom blogs that only other pet parents and/or kid parents will be able to read. Skip to happier times below if you aren't ready for some tmi.

It's been a week since the surgery and Mister seems to be doing just fine, however, his little system is all out of whack. We use to be on a pretty set potty schedule and little Mister would pretty much potty in time he hit the ground. After the surgery, he didn't go at all for the first few days. Then he started pooping A LOT. The good news is he's made it outside all the time. Then he started to pee as well by the beginning of the week. Then starting Wednesday the little bugger decided to pee and poop at the SAME TIME. Um, you can imagine how well that worked, especially with a bum leg. Uh, and he tried it more than once. You can also imagine how much fun it is to carry him back up the stairs. Seriously, dog mom moment.

The staples in his leg should come out sometime next week. Thursday by the latest. Then it's still another two weeks of recovery. We're getting there though, one day at a time.

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