Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Double Trouble

It's official, the dogs have taken over. They're running the show, I'm just the blogger. Yesterday, was groom day. It's always a bit traumatic for me to get the two of them to Spokane Valley on time. It was 8 weeks ago when Mister peed all over me when I went to pick him up in my work clothes. I thought that would be the worst of it. Nope. Wrong again.

30 seconds into the 30 minute car ride Mister decided to poop in the car. Awesome. It was pouring rain and my driver side window doesn't roll down anymore, so that made it even more fun. Then we get there and 30 seconds into the 60 second trip through Petsmart to get to the groomer Missy pooped on the floor. I couldn't believe it. Then as I'm cleaning that up Mister peed on the floor! Seriously guys! By this time I'm having a freak out moment in the middle of the aisle. I finally get that cleaned up as a small dog goes by that Missy just has to try and bark at. I pulled Missy back so fast the other pet parents probably thought I abuse her. I didn't mean to jerk her back but there I am holding an injured chihuahua in one hand and a bag of poop with the other and Missy attached to my wrist. I wanted to just make it to the back of the store in one piece.

I finally made it there with my two lovely pups and that tiny dog is standing inside the groomers. Oh great! Luckily for me, Missy's groomer Cynthia saw me in all my dog mom glory and quickly knew why I was standing there. She came out and took Mister out of my arms and told me she'd be back for Miss. OH THANK YOU! I would have hugged her if I wasn't certain I had some sort of dog germ on my hands. She is so great. She even puts Mister and Missy in crates so they can face each other and let's Missy pick her's out.

When I went to pick up the puparoos a few hours later they looked and smelled great.They both had their happy to see mom faces on and off we went. Of course, I made sure to stop off at the tree outside before getting back into the car.

I wish that was the end, but those little pups are just too darn smart. On the way home, in the pouring rain, Mister figured out how to push the button to make his window go down, twice! Yep, I've officially been outsmarted by a couple of stray dogs. Gotta love the puparoos :)

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