Saturday, May 14, 2011

Staples Out? That was Easy

Thursday marked two weeks since Minster's surgery. We were back at the vet to have his staples removed. I thought it would take about 30 minutes. Um, no try about 5. After the staples were out I asked to talk to his vet about how he was looking. She was surprised to see how much weight he is already putting on it. She says it still looks like the surgery went great and Mister is now ready to venture out a little. He is still not allowed to jump, climb stairs, or run for another couple of weeks but the doc says he can go on 5 minute walks! We can increase the length of the walks a little at a time until he's back to full strength.

I also asked her if this could potentially happen in his other hind leg. She said she couldn't guarantee that it won't BUT his other knee feels much tighter and should hold up. She also recommended cutting back on his pills which was great news. She's worried Mister is feeling a little too great and maybe being in a little bit of pain will stop him from wanting to run and jump. 

It really has been quite the two week journey for all three of us. Mister went from being the saddest looking dog on the planet to just a dog with a shaved leg. Not too shabby!

Note: Sorry for the lack of pics lately. I cannot figure out how to get them off my blackberry since I decided to update it. I now hate my Blackberry. :( 

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