Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Return of the Sicky

WARNING: This is one of those gross-out dog mom blogs most non pet or kid parents can't appreciate.

Missaroo is sick again. For those who are new to the blog, this is nothing new. Missy has come down with something, I'd say every six months are so since I got her. She's had kennel cough twice ((she gets vaccinated twice a year for it)), worms, and the latest was an intestinal bacteria of some sort. Oh and the first bout of kennel cough and the worms were at the same time. On top of all this Missy is an emotional puker. Any noticeable changes to her routine ((mainly noticeable changes to my routine)) and she heaves. And now she is sick again with a vet appointment scheduled for Monday.

So how do I know? Well she had a poop accident inside the apartment. Her third one ever, first time she had worms, second time she had the intestinal bacteria, so you can see my cause for concern. Then when I came home from work today ((poop was yesterday)) she had thrown up. All signs point to a return of the sicky mcsickerson.

Of course, Monday seems like forever from now. Especially when I called at 8am today trying to get her in as soon as possible. I ran the whole gamete with them. Her history, what had happened, that I already had poop samples from her and Mister sitting outside our front door. I was ready to bring them right that very second. The vet receptionists, although very nice, seem to think I'm crazy. I recognized the gal's voice as the one who questioned me sitting there through Mister's surgery. I'm sure she is an animal lover in her own right, but I have her pegged as a cat person. So we wait while I check Missy's nose every two seconds and stare a little too long at their poop for anything that red flags me. As always you can follow us on Twitter @bdollymargaret and @themissaroo for the most updated info. Or you can wait it out too until we update the blog.

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