Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Fun For You!

I had been looking forward to December 9th since September 23rd. It marked the last day of the school quarter and that meant the first night I didn't have to worry about getting up early and chasing after my endless to do list. I had planned to have fun that night after work, even if I couldn't spend a dime. I just wanted to not worry about being an adult for a few hours. That's it, that's all I wanted. And luckily that's what I got. I convinced my best friend to hang out, have a beer, eat sour patch kids, and watch a movie with me. By the time all the fun was said and done I fell asleep.

I was gone for a total of six hours overnight by the time I walked through the door at 4:30. Then I came crashing back down to reality. Mister was wide awake, standing in his pee filled crate. My poor baby. I had taken him and Miss out on a walk after work like always. Everybody did their biz, everything would be fine. Or so I had thought. Wrong. Very wrong. Not only did poor Mister pee all over his crate, but all over his bed inside the crate. A bed that cannot be thrown into the washing machine, but instead has to be washed by hand. So my first morning without a to do list quickly turned into me washing his crate and then heading into the tub with Mister's bed. Two days later it's still wet.

I guess this is what I get for six hours to myself. It's like they know I'm off having fun instead of off at work. When I pulled out of the garage that night, I could see Missy standing on the chair in the living room looking out the window and barking at me. It's heartbreaking every time she does that, and she only does that when I leave for fun, not for work. She's my very own soup Nazi, "No fun for you!"

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