Sunday, January 19, 2014

Three Years and Counting...

Mister came home with the Missaroo and me three years ago today, which means we have a big birthday to celebrate. Today we celebrate Mister Man’s fourth birthday. It’s been a big year for my little guy. He’s starting to become more of my cuddle bug and less of a kitty cat. His spunky, independent spirit is still alive and well but he’s no longer a push over. The transition started slowly. He used to just spend mornings with me while sleeping alone at night. Lately, I found him smushed against me more, sleeping in my lap more, and giving Miss more of the mean Chihuahua growl when she tries to butt into Mommy and Mister time.

Mister has also found a new best friend as well documented in previous blogs. Beckham has taught Mister to share his toys, his blanket, and his mom. In Beckham, Mister has also found a sniff buddy, an outdoor buddy and a playmate more his size. ((Missaroo doesn’t mind one bit)) Mister will surely be sad when Beckham gets adopted but then he’ll learn to say goodbye to old friends and hello to new friends.

But the biggest change I’ve seen in Mister over the last year as he transitions from a 21 year old to a 28 year old has been in his overall confidence. Mister no longer eats like he doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. He no longer hordes treats, although he does still guard his treats, and he acts like he might have just found a forever home. I’m not sure what happened to Mister in his previous life, and frankly I don’t want to know, but I’m starting to get the impression he had a home and they gave up on him. Missaroo and I will never give up on Mister. He is in his forever home; three years and counting… Happy Birthday, Peanut! Mommy loves you forever and a day.

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