Friday, January 31, 2014

42 and Fabulous

Missaroo turns 42 today, or in people years the big oh-six. And that of course means, 5 years ago today I brought home my new best friend and love of my life. Every year ((and heck almost every day)) I think about all the joy, love, and adventure she’s brought to my life. This year is no different. So as I think back over the last year together I've come to realize what it is Missy has brought to my life most recently and that is that she forced me into mom mode, permanently.

Sadly, I've always tried to be Missaroo’s mom but I think this is the first year I've just really filled the role properly. I’m not sure why it clicked in 2013, maybe it’s because I’m a year older, maybe it’s because I've really felt like we've been under attack, maybe it’s because her overall care has increased, or maybe because I feel like I've been able to provide for the dogs more this year with daycare, sitters, and overall time at home. Whatever it was, it happened all of a sudden. Somewhere in between forcing teeth brushings, carrying her out of the cold, taking a million pictures, and constantly defending OUR lifestyle, I just went into mom mode and I haven’t come out. I stopped looking at her as a rescue dog in need of love and more like my kid in need of tough love. As in, “you’re going to hate this, but it’s for your own good.” I think at one point I even said to her “you’ll thank me when your teeth don’t fall out.” It doesn't get much more mom than that does it?  And I also kind of got this “hey that’s my kid you’re talking about and I will scratch your eyes out and do jail time if you keep it up” attitude. Yep, def mom mode.

So as Missaroo celebrates being 42 and fabulous I hope I can continue to be the mom she needs me to me at this moment. Happy Birthday baby girl!

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