Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bye-bye Beckham

Beckham was adopted by a loving family just two weeks shy of the year mark in our home. After waiting a long time for it to happen, the adoption seemed sudden to me. One day I was on a 6th meet and greet with a family interested in adopting Beckham and the next weekend he was going home with them. I was so happy finally, somebody pulled the trigger and adopted this amazing boy, but I was also sad to see him go. In fact, I started crying the moment they walked in the door and I've continued to do so off and on ever since. Fostering is not easy.

The good news is I have no doubt he went to an amazing home. There was actually another man interested in Beckham who I believe would have also been a great pet parent to my Beckster, but in the end, I could tell the family was already in love with Beckham and that became the deciding factor. So let me tell you about them. Beckham now has a mom, dad, two canine siblings, and two human siblings. One is the same age as him so they can grow up together. Also, Dad stays home with the kids and animals so Beckham won’t ever be lonely! They also take their pets to the same vet as Missy and Mister and we LOVE our vet. They are also very kind, loving and felt bad for me as I walked them out of my apartment. I couldn't ask for anything more. I just hope I gave them the love Missaroo’s foster mom was able to give me: a dog lifetime of unconditional love, the feeling of always being needed, and a place to always belong. It is indeed why I foster because Missy and Mister were fostered.

So now the question becomes will I do it again? Not tomorrow. But one day, another animal will take Beckham’s place in our home and our hearts again. Fostering isn't easy, but it’s worth it.

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