Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sales and Labels

It’s time for our second product review! This time, Missy and Mister tried out Nutri Source Pure Vita grain free dog food. Pure Vita promises a lot of words that don’t actually mean anything to me as a consumer. Words like “superior” nutrition for dogs or “pure and natural holistic” pet foods. What is important to me is that it is grain free and has a single source of protein. The dogs actually tried several different flavors including turkey, bison, and salmon. The dogs had never had bison before so I actually thought it would be their favorite but I was wrong; Salmon won the flavor challenge. A few times Missy actually seemed to lick her lips in anticipation of the food, which isn't something she always does. They actually seemed to like bison the least, so I’ll have to keep that in mind when checking out other flavors in the future. It seems as though Missy favors fish in general.

Although the Pure Vita was a single source of protein which is why I am assuming the vendors pushing it at the expo told me it was limited ingredient, its’ really not. There are a TON of ingredients on the label, not all of which I understood. I’d say I knew what about 75% of them were and the other 15% I didn't really have a clue. No thumbs up from me. For other dogs, lots of ingredients wouldn't be a problem but it isn't good for Missy’s stomach. It definitely did better than dog food with grains in it, but didn't give Missy the coloring or consistency of poop her normal dog food does or the other brand we tried earlier. So I’d say two paws down from Missy and Mister as well.

So will I be making the switch? Not in this case. I am sure this dog food could be a good brand for another dog but it’s not right for us. I’ll give you an example: Experts rave about Blue Buffalo dog food, how it’s top of the line and rich with nutrition. Our vet specifically told me to stay away from it because for Missy it had too many ingredients. So I’m not knocking the product completely, it just won’t be a purchase for us, ever.

Remember, I’m just a dogmom, not a paid blogger or expert of any kind. This was just our experience with Pure Vita. Does your dog have any kind of special food allergies or something like Missy’s diet? Do you know of a good product we should try out? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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