Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6% Of The Way There

At the last MADACC Operations Committee meeting, the year to date death numbers showed more than a 6% increase in lives saved ((although they didn't phrase it this way)). I’ll stand on my soapbox once again to say a 6% increase is better than any decrease but come on Milwaukee; we can do better than this. The one positive I have taken away from the last several meetings is there always seems to be at least one life saving initiative mentioned. Even something seemingly insignificant to the casual attendee, will make an impact in the long run. This month it was the initiative to ID all cats and kittens upon admission to the shelter. Keeping a closer tab on all cats and kittens will make it easier to reunite these pets with their owners if they are lost or it will make it easier to move them into adoptive or foster homes.

Another item discussed that probably seemed not only insignificant to some but also down right boring was the addition of a second washer and dryer. Again, this will help save lives! How? A clean shelter is essential to the lifesaving process, something I learned first-hand as an intern at Found Chicago. The majority of my work there involved cleaning the facility. The cleaner the shelter, the less disease, less disease means healthier animals and less time, money, effort spent on nursing sick animals back to health. This all leads to being able to move more animals out to homes and fosters creating more space within the shelter: a true trickle-down effect.

6% is a start, but it certainly is not an end. However, I continue to applaud the work of the executive director. She manages to leaves me feeling as though she is slowly but surely starting to turn this backward, old, rusty ship around. 6% down, 84% to go to achieve a safe haven for Milwaukee area pets.

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