Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What About the Adventures?

I've been wondering if some of you have been wondering what happened to the dog adventures. So I've been coming up with that response in my head and decided maybe it was time to type it out.

When I first adopted Missy and Mister my life was in a very different place. The older I get, the less life seems to be about me, or even us. Not to say we aren't out having adventures and messing up. What’s more adventurous than fostering cats in your bathroom with a door that doesn't latch and two curious dogs on the other side? I can’t think of anything. What’s more adventurous than taking on the systematic killing of animals? Nothing. Our adventures and missteps may have adjusted a little to the left but we have become far from boring.  I’ll work to through in a few more cute stories, pictures, and videos about the lovable Missaroo and Mister too along the way. What you won’t be reading is anything about my personal adventures away from the dogs and our causes because it really isn't about me anymore. OK, it never really was, I just finally figured it out.

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