Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June is Adopt A Cat Month

Did you know that June is adopt a cat month? Well it is! These spring and summer months are when most litters are born, causing an overflow of cats and kittens at shelters. Because we know kill shelters claim to kill in the name of space, this is also the time of year when most cats and kittens are killed at the hands of humans. There are several things ANY shelter can do to help with this problem.

First we go back to our basic No Kill equation: TNR. Trap, neuter, release programs save lives. This allows feral cats ((who pose no threat to humans)) to live safely while preventing them from reproducing. Next, adoption specials. It's ALWAYS cheaper to adopt out an animal at any cost than to kill it. That's just plain math. So give the cats away for basically free and you will still be better off than trying to hold them hostage for a ridiculous amount, kill them, and then get nothing in return for them. Especially when it COSTS money to kill them in the first place. And finally, market, market, market these animals! Pet over population is simply a myth. The reality is there are more people looking for an animal every day than there are animals currently in shelters. So take these cats out of the shelters, get them to adoption events, show them off with the best pictures you've got and get them into forever homes. Like right now. Do it.

And of course for you at home, ADOPT. VOLUNTEER. FOSTER. DONATE. And if you don't know where to begin, well get to reading previous blog posts right here. Start with Beckham of course! He would love to be your cat of the month!

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