Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's that wonderful time a year again when it feels like a fresh start is right around the corner. When everyone is hopeful about the days to come and the end of the cold is getting near. It's also a time to update you on how the dogs and I are doing. Over the Christmas holiday Missy got Kennel Cough for the third time. We made a trip to the vet who mentioned she might be one of those sicky dogs who catches everything. Um, yes that describes the Missaroo to a T. Well, she suggested putting a little powder immune booster in with her food. I know I have said this about a thousand times but I love our vet! Instead of just saying "yep kennel cough again here's some expensive meds see you next year" she gave us something to prevent Missy from constantly returning to the vet every few months. AND the best part is Missy doesn't mind the powder over her food. So much better than forcing her to take pills.

Other than that, the dogs seem to be adjusting to Milwaukee quite nicely. They, however, hate the mass amount of salt thrown outside our door and on every sidewalk in the city. It burns their paws and forces us to stay inside most days. Too long of a walk (more than 15 minutes) and they start limping around. I also have to make sure I wipe their paws and get in between their paws, which also means shorter walks because this is more time consuming. Something I don't have a lot of during the work week.

As for our plans for the new year, they are pretty simple.
1. Continue to push for No Kill in Milwaukee. I have taken my email campaign to the mayor's office. Screw you alderman who won't email me back.
2. Call Bill more. We're off to a pretty good start so far. :)
3. Visit Bill. I'm not sure when he will be ready for visitors, but I think he might be in the next six months.
4. Save lives. We are also in the process of this as we speak when it comes to animals. Plus, I can give blood again in less than a week, so humans you are included in this goal as well.

So how is your new year going? We would love to hear from you. Also we wish the best to you and yours and all of the pets in the world. No matter what happens this year, let's agree to make this world a better place than it was last year, OK? Love!

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